5 CPA Exam Day Tips

Few tips For the CPA Exam day

If you are among the many candidates taking the CPA Exam for the first time, you might be feeling anxious, tense, and apprehensive and a whole lot of emotions, all at one time. A few tips might be a big help in giving you the confidence and help you sail smoothly through this day. These five tips, will be of a great help so that you appear for this exam without any nervousness.

  1. Preparatory Material Reviewing

It has been found out that the biggest mistake made by students who appear for this test is not going through the material which is designed specifically for this test like Wiley CPA. They seem to go through everything else except what matters. It is important for a candidate to go through the Candidate Bulletin , The NTS (Notice to Schedule) , the Test Centre Regulation Form besides the directions given on the screen during the exam. This candidate bulletin can give you all the information on the different types of identification you are supposed to carry with you besides helping you work through the examination screens which are introductory, besides the break policy for the exam and a lot more. The NTS gives you the required instructions for the test day.

  1. Leave Well Before Time for Reaching your Test Centre

We all know that by chance if we are late we seem to get more delayed because of traffic issues on your way to the examination centre. Since your examination is important, you need to make sure you leave for the center well ahead of time, so that you do not need to rush and have enough spare time when you reach there. You are supposed to be at the Centre 30 minutes before the scheduled time of the examination. This gives you time to clarify any concerns or queries you might have with the authorities. Your confirmation notice includes not only the time for your exam but an additional 30 minutes, which you require for getting scanned besides signing in and any other formality required.

  1. Wastage of Time

According to the Wiley Learning Company, the biggest way candidates waste time is they take too long to go through multiple choice questions. Make sure you proceed to the introductory screens immediately once you have entered your launch code. Read the screens carefully and make sure you complete the survey once you are done with your exams. Do not waste time making notes as this definitely works negatively and only wastes your time.

  1. Report issues, if any, Without any Delay

There might be a possibility of you facing technical issues while taking the exam, it is better not to waste time and report the same immediately. Once notified, the staff is able to stop the exam clock immediately and rectify the problem immediately.

  1. NASBA’s Candidate Care Department

Even after you have finished your exam and you may feel that your performance is restricted due to the circumstances created by the test administration. You may have some concerns or questions about the test. In such situations, you have the freedom of reporting this to the NASBA’s Candidate Care Department. You need to make sure you report this within a time span of five days once you have taken the exam. You need to file an official complaint. There is also a number of tips for passing the CPA exam in the CPAexcel review study materials.